Sunday, September 30, 2007

Beautiful Sunday

Today we played hooky from church deciding to experience God's beautiful creation first hand. We went riding our bikes on the Katy Trail. It is this wonderful state park we have which used to be the MKT railroad stretching all the way across the state of Missouri. They have taken out all the unused track and it is now this terrific bike trail! It's flat and pretty straight so it's great for a ride. Today as I was enjoying the beauty of the trail I was thanking my state legislators for making this a reality for the people of Missouri. I love seeing the tax dollars at work on something that so many people obviously enjoy so much. I am always surprised how many people take advantage of this trail....they were all over!

My son is just getting his 'biking legs' and it was a bit challenging. Everytime someone was coming toward us in the other lane, no matter how hard he tried he would end up riding right into their path. No accidents with other bikers but he had several himself. He's not too sure with the brakes so he puts his feet down to stop which usually ends up with his bike tipping over. He really improved over the time we were on the trail with the additional practice. I think it calls for more day to day practice at home!!!

Not much knitting today......did do some reading. For once I am reading a book that keeps me turning the pages!

Happy Day!

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