Saturday, September 29, 2007

My Pursonality

I have always had a thing for purses. Not just any purse, I'm VERY picky about the style, color etc. So when the knitting obsession began I tried my hand at knitting and felting purses. If I couldn't find what I wanted, then I'll just make it! Although I have knitted many now, I have FINISHED only a few. Here would be those for your viewing pleasure.

I got the pattern for this tote in this book. I altered it slightly (not too bad for a beginner if I do say so myself!) making it larger and changing the handle. It called for a slit handle which in my pickiness didn't like so I fashioned straps using the I-cord method. I love it and carry it all the time to work with my reading book and lunch in it.

If you haven't seen the Noni purse patterns you should really check them out. They are a work of art! Here is one that I have pretty much finished I just need to add the handle.

The problem I end up having with most of my purses is this...............I am a CHEAP-SAKE! They usually always call for knitting with 2 strands and besides the fact that it is a hassle to use two strands (altho I now just learned a special tip from my LYS in Osage Beach - thanks Cheryl) I hate to buy the extra yarn. I know, you're saying 'you can't be a knitter and not be willing to spend $150 on a sweater that you normally wouldn't spend $20 on then you have to KNIT IT TOO'! What can I say, I'm cheap but it usually leaves me with in inferior product because it doesn't have the body it needs to keep it's shape. So there's a lesson the pattern!

This purse I made from a pattern in this book. Easy and it was cool to knit with the eyelash yarn then felt it!

A customer at my store said they buy old wool sweaters and felt here's my attempt at that. I felted the entire sweater then cut it up and sewed it together.

And last, this was the first one I made from a free pattern I got from Urban Arts and Crafts (this store actually makes me wish I lived in Kansas City!) It turned out too small for my taste but I was pleased with the striping.
You too can have fun with felting.
Off to have fun on the weekend with my family!

Happy Day!
PS...I just have to pat myself on the back here. You may have noticed in previous posts that my photos were all at the top. I couldn't figure out how to intersperse them throughout the post. Well, I am a 'show-me' learner and don't always have the patience to read it but I went to help, typed in what I needed and there was a great link to perfect directions! When I tried it and it worked it was a major celebration here. You would think I discovered world peace or something!


Sheknits said...

Adorable purses. Can I suggest the yarn I always use on all my's Brown Sheep Lambs Pride bulky and it generally sells for about $7.20 - $7.50 ( i sell it for a little less in my kits) per 125 yd skein...its like holding 2 strands of worsted weight yarn together and the price for one skein is probably less then what you'll find in combining two skeins of most brands of same yardage worsted. Your purses are really cute!

Leeanna, said...

Thanks for the tip! I will check it out!