Thursday, September 20, 2007

My Fall Sock

Here's the sock I am currently working on. I love the way it's turning out...the colors are beautiful. The pattern is called 'Monkey', designer Cookie A. and I got it off The directions are easy to read and follow which for a fairly new knitter is greatly appreciated.

I get a lot of grief from my husband about knitting socks. I started my first one in April and still have not finished it! I loved the excitement of mastering something new but quickly was ready to start a new project! So now, my husband talks about his 'one sock'. Of course with this new sock he had to say "You making me another sock?" Nothing like being supportive! But he really is. He doesn't give me a hard time when he sees the drawers of yarn that have not been used and when he has to sit in the car while I visit the LYS! On another post I will put up a picture of the baby cable sweater I made that won him over and tell you that story!

So anyway........I'm moving right a long with this sock, just hoping I will have it in me to make the other one! My goal is to have the one sock done by Sunday night. I have crafting's the fun of starting something new that keeps me from finishing a lot of projects. Sound familiar?

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