Thursday, September 27, 2007

Kids Knits

I finished knitting this kids sweater a couple weeks ago. I LOVE doing kids clothes because they go so quickly! I can finish the entire piece in about a week if I devote enough time to it. I got this pattern from a wonderful book by Melanie Falick. I made another sweater from this book ( the cable one I talked about in an earlier post) and I was equally as pleased with it. The patterns were easy to follow which is so important to me. Sometimes a pattern will imply that you know something already but these patterns were written with a beginner in mind.
I am currently knitting a shrug but won't post a picture yet because there's not much to it. I have knitted a ton of rows but it really doesn't look like much. It is knitted in one large piece then you sew the sleeve areas together then add a rib border. I keep thinking I am doing it wrong but I am trusting the pattern at this point!

It's off to work.
Happy Day!

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