Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Another Obession

As I mentioned before, I am ADD with knitting but I am also that way with crafting. You name it, I have probably tried it. I love learning and trying something new creatively.

I sew, knit, needlepoint, cross-stitch, make jewelry, arrange flowers, quilt, decorate my home, make handmade books. There are still many more things to try which is what I love about crafting. The endless possibilities.

I don't consider myself an artist - for some reason I think of an artist as someone who draws or paints but I really should have a paradigm shift on that one. Because anyone who creates is an artist. My grandmother was an artist, she could draw and paint very well but I don't feel I have that gift. But I did inherit something wonderful from her.......the love of creating....what a fantastic legacy! Thank you Grandmother Bounds!

So here is my humble attempt at creating something beautiful. I embellished the front of this journal I am going to use to chronicle my families life. I can't seem to keep up with scrapbooking it so this will truly be the old fashioned scrapbook. I will probably fuss with the cover a little more but basically it's done. I used this new cool tool called Bind-it-All. You can purchase all different sizes of binding coils to fit you needs. Now that I'm talking about the Bind-it-All I will add another photo of how I have used it. This other picture is of a 4"x4" mini book that I made as an invitation to a fundraiser for a group I am in. Once again I used the Bind-it-All but used 1/2" rings since I used less pages.

Happy Day!

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