Friday, February 8, 2008

My First Adult Sweater!

The sweater is done!!! Well, I still have to block the ribbing for the buttons and then sew the buttons on, but I am done! I am relatively happy with the result.

The buttons are off as you can see in this photo.......I don't know how that happened because I was counting evenly as I went down that row! It's that darn knitting troll.....he always jumps in there and messes my garment up when I'm not looking! Any suggestions on how to fix that? I will probably look in my knitting dictionary to see if they talk about how to trouble shoot that!

Here's a few things I learned in from this project:
1. When it says cast off LOOSELY, do it right from the very first time it says that. I think that is why my ribbing for the buttons is puckering. I finally got it right by the collar!

2. I need to figure out how to fix a stitch that gets dropped several rows down. I thought I could do my own little fix but it shows.
3. Read and mark each section I am working in if it says 'work as for back' and you are on the sleeve. That's how I ended up with the Christopher Columbus incident. So in other words.....


I was finished knitting in 30 days! Start date January 6th. Completed knitting February 5th. Took me a few days to actually get the opportunity to get buttons. And then there was that little stint in detox (caffine that is! That's a whole other post. If you have had caffine injected into your system for 20+ years without stop, it hurts a little to go cold turkey.....took an entire weekend to feel better!)

Of course I have to jump right in and start something new......the knitting ADD was killing me but I was determined NOT to start something new till I finished this sweater!

Here's the purse I am working on....impressive don't you think?

Here's the purse that I had knitted a few months ago but never felted so I felted it this AM and it's drying. Here are some potential embellishments for it......

This one is cute and I want to find a black and white stripe ribbon to go with it.

Which one of these 2 do you like better? I got
these flower and thought they would look great
on a bag but I'm having trouble getting my
mental vision come to reality.

I'm in a purse mood again.............the ideas are swirling! I've done several in the past. See the Sept 29, 2007 post to view my other purses....for some reason couldn't get it to track back to that date.
Next project after the pink bag....or maybe during is a sweater for my husband.
This one by Brooklyn Tweed from the Interweave Knits mag is what I am planning on doing.
It's knit in the round!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You know how I love that!

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