Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Adult Sweater #2

This knitting is so addictive! I have started on a sweater for my husband and you can see the progress so far. Started on Friday, February 8th. Sorry about the sideways photo. I tried to rotate it in Photoshop but for some reason it didn't save. I need to spend more time on trying to master the elements of Photoshop. It is knitted in the round (my favorite) from the bottom up. There is a 2" garter stitch border around the bottom.

I love this pattern.....it's updated and cool! According to this picture I am probably not quite to the half way mark on the stockinette. Moving pretty quickly tho.
You can't really tell in my picture but it has a garter stitch column on the sides. You can see it much better in the picture from the magazine. If I would have picked a lighter color and think that would have shown up more. Hope I won't be regreting that when it's all over. Yep....you can't see it at all in my picture!

I don't know how much concentrated knitting I am going to get done....I have to work 7 days straight so I will probably be comatose! I do find that knitting is a great way to unwind....especially when it's just straight knitting with not particular pattern to follow!

Happy Knitting!

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