Thursday, February 28, 2008


I love to read more than I like to knit and I am torn everyday on how much of my free time to spend on each! Sharing books that I have read and love with other people and encouraging them to read them too and hopefully enjoy them really makes me happy. Just ask me to recommend something for you to read on the beach or on vacation and I am in heaven! I pull out my list and soon you have 20 books to pick from.
In the interest of getting other people excited about good books, I am going to do a brief review of each book I read....and let you know how many stars I give it in my little black book of books!

Barefoot by Elin Hilderbrand

This is the 4th book of hers I have read. And you can always tell I really like an author if I start reading all their books! The first book by Elin Hilderbrand that I encountered was The Blue Bistro which remains my favorite although I have really enjoyed the others as well. She has 2 more books that I have not yet read so I will be checking those out soon.

Three women head to Nantucket for the summer.....2 sisters and one of the sister's close friends. Each of these women are dealing with their own kind of crisis. One has lung cancer (but is not and never has been a smoker), one was a quick rising star as a professor who had a 'foray' with a student and in a fit of anger damaged the college's prized piece of artwork, and one has a husband who has a lover and she is now pregnant (she recently found out about both). The book follows these women through the summer as they stay in a 1 bathroom cottage on the ocean inherited from their strong, dominant Aunt....okay, one bathroom is VERY cozy and crowded. Several close encounters early on with a young want-to-be writer named Josh brings him into their summer life as their sitter for Vicki's 2 small boys. Each woman gently and sometimes heartbreakingly come to terms with their situation. Each emerges from the summer stronger, with a new perspective on her life.

This was a very good book. I enjoyed reading it and getting to know each character......finding out what their ultimately decide to do with their life.

I give it 4.5 stars!!!

First Edition: July 2007
Pages: 403

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