Friday, January 4, 2008

Two Days in a Row!

I finished an unfinished project today!

I started this purse in the summer and ran out of yarn. Had to buy it at the LYS at the Lake so had to wait a while till I was back there...of course that meant I had to start a new project. Picked this up again in the last couple days and finished today. It was from a free pattern at my Michaels store created by Paton Yarns. The pattern shows a ribbon around the body of the purse so I will add that as soon as I find one worthy. I'm pleased with the color choice and how it turned out. It did take some time with the cables and I just couldn't get the rows memorized so I was constantly looking at the pattern. I also had a couple minor mistakes that I had to troubleshoot. All in all, it's cute!!!

Here's my new 'reading/knitting nook'! We have a sitting room at the top of the stairs which was under utilized so decided a couple chairs would make it nice and cozy. LOVE IT!

Love those Kids Meal toys!!!!

Stay tuned, I might just post again tomorrow!!!

Happy Day!

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