Sunday, September 30, 2007

Beautiful Sunday

Today we played hooky from church deciding to experience God's beautiful creation first hand. We went riding our bikes on the Katy Trail. It is this wonderful state park we have which used to be the MKT railroad stretching all the way across the state of Missouri. They have taken out all the unused track and it is now this terrific bike trail! It's flat and pretty straight so it's great for a ride. Today as I was enjoying the beauty of the trail I was thanking my state legislators for making this a reality for the people of Missouri. I love seeing the tax dollars at work on something that so many people obviously enjoy so much. I am always surprised how many people take advantage of this trail....they were all over!

My son is just getting his 'biking legs' and it was a bit challenging. Everytime someone was coming toward us in the other lane, no matter how hard he tried he would end up riding right into their path. No accidents with other bikers but he had several himself. He's not too sure with the brakes so he puts his feet down to stop which usually ends up with his bike tipping over. He really improved over the time we were on the trail with the additional practice. I think it calls for more day to day practice at home!!!

Not much knitting today......did do some reading. For once I am reading a book that keeps me turning the pages!

Happy Day!

Saturday, September 29, 2007

My Pursonality

I have always had a thing for purses. Not just any purse, I'm VERY picky about the style, color etc. So when the knitting obsession began I tried my hand at knitting and felting purses. If I couldn't find what I wanted, then I'll just make it! Although I have knitted many now, I have FINISHED only a few. Here would be those for your viewing pleasure.

I got the pattern for this tote in this book. I altered it slightly (not too bad for a beginner if I do say so myself!) making it larger and changing the handle. It called for a slit handle which in my pickiness didn't like so I fashioned straps using the I-cord method. I love it and carry it all the time to work with my reading book and lunch in it.

If you haven't seen the Noni purse patterns you should really check them out. They are a work of art! Here is one that I have pretty much finished I just need to add the handle.

The problem I end up having with most of my purses is this...............I am a CHEAP-SAKE! They usually always call for knitting with 2 strands and besides the fact that it is a hassle to use two strands (altho I now just learned a special tip from my LYS in Osage Beach - thanks Cheryl) I hate to buy the extra yarn. I know, you're saying 'you can't be a knitter and not be willing to spend $150 on a sweater that you normally wouldn't spend $20 on then you have to KNIT IT TOO'! What can I say, I'm cheap but it usually leaves me with in inferior product because it doesn't have the body it needs to keep it's shape. So there's a lesson the pattern!

This purse I made from a pattern in this book. Easy and it was cool to knit with the eyelash yarn then felt it!

A customer at my store said they buy old wool sweaters and felt here's my attempt at that. I felted the entire sweater then cut it up and sewed it together.

And last, this was the first one I made from a free pattern I got from Urban Arts and Crafts (this store actually makes me wish I lived in Kansas City!) It turned out too small for my taste but I was pleased with the striping.
You too can have fun with felting.
Off to have fun on the weekend with my family!

Happy Day!
PS...I just have to pat myself on the back here. You may have noticed in previous posts that my photos were all at the top. I couldn't figure out how to intersperse them throughout the post. Well, I am a 'show-me' learner and don't always have the patience to read it but I went to help, typed in what I needed and there was a great link to perfect directions! When I tried it and it worked it was a major celebration here. You would think I discovered world peace or something!

Thursday, September 27, 2007


I forgot to include the all important picture!!

Kids Knits

I finished knitting this kids sweater a couple weeks ago. I LOVE doing kids clothes because they go so quickly! I can finish the entire piece in about a week if I devote enough time to it. I got this pattern from a wonderful book by Melanie Falick. I made another sweater from this book ( the cable one I talked about in an earlier post) and I was equally as pleased with it. The patterns were easy to follow which is so important to me. Sometimes a pattern will imply that you know something already but these patterns were written with a beginner in mind.
I am currently knitting a shrug but won't post a picture yet because there's not much to it. I have knitted a ton of rows but it really doesn't look like much. It is knitted in one large piece then you sew the sleeve areas together then add a rib border. I keep thinking I am doing it wrong but I am trusting the pattern at this point!

It's off to work.
Happy Day!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Another Obession

As I mentioned before, I am ADD with knitting but I am also that way with crafting. You name it, I have probably tried it. I love learning and trying something new creatively.

I sew, knit, needlepoint, cross-stitch, make jewelry, arrange flowers, quilt, decorate my home, make handmade books. There are still many more things to try which is what I love about crafting. The endless possibilities.

I don't consider myself an artist - for some reason I think of an artist as someone who draws or paints but I really should have a paradigm shift on that one. Because anyone who creates is an artist. My grandmother was an artist, she could draw and paint very well but I don't feel I have that gift. But I did inherit something wonderful from her.......the love of creating....what a fantastic legacy! Thank you Grandmother Bounds!

So here is my humble attempt at creating something beautiful. I embellished the front of this journal I am going to use to chronicle my families life. I can't seem to keep up with scrapbooking it so this will truly be the old fashioned scrapbook. I will probably fuss with the cover a little more but basically it's done. I used this new cool tool called Bind-it-All. You can purchase all different sizes of binding coils to fit you needs. Now that I'm talking about the Bind-it-All I will add another photo of how I have used it. This other picture is of a 4"x4" mini book that I made as an invitation to a fundraiser for a group I am in. Once again I used the Bind-it-All but used 1/2" rings since I used less pages.

Happy Day!

Monday, September 24, 2007

One Down, One To Go!

Well, I made my goal of having my one sock completed by the end of the weekend. I finished the grafting Sunday evening. I don' t think I did such a hot job on the grafting. I was reading and looking at the step by step directions in my knitting book (which is usually really great for giving me directions) but it really doesn't look that good. I think I will have to head to my LYS and get a tutoring session on the grafting stitch.

It took me about a week to get this one done. I swear I look at blogs where they have made like a pair a day and I am in amazement! I will be lucky to finish the second sock!

I have included a photo of my adorable SharPei - Bing Lee! He's sitting at my feet most of the time!

Friday, September 21, 2007

Needle Crisis!

Last night when I was working on my sock, the tip of one of my double points split!! After checking to see if the needles have a quarantee (they do, thanks to the wonderful people at Brittany Needles!) I tried to glue it back together to get more mileage. I know, I wasn't going to work but I thought I would try. It actually did work for about 3 rounds this morning then it split all the way off. So now I'm not sure what I am going to do. I will probably head to my LYS to get another set just because I don't want to wait a couple weeks for the replacement needle. ( If you remember from my last post I have a goal of finishing this one sock by the end of the weekend) Did I mention patience has never been one of my virtues?
I don't know if you can see it very well but I tried to get some of the detail and texture of the stitches. It is a really pretty pattern...I just love it. But answer me this question......why do knitted socks always make your legs look big? I know the camera adds 10 lbs but come leg looks really chunky.........and it's NOT!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

My Fall Sock

Here's the sock I am currently working on. I love the way it's turning out...the colors are beautiful. The pattern is called 'Monkey', designer Cookie A. and I got it off The directions are easy to read and follow which for a fairly new knitter is greatly appreciated.

I get a lot of grief from my husband about knitting socks. I started my first one in April and still have not finished it! I loved the excitement of mastering something new but quickly was ready to start a new project! So now, my husband talks about his 'one sock'. Of course with this new sock he had to say "You making me another sock?" Nothing like being supportive! But he really is. He doesn't give me a hard time when he sees the drawers of yarn that have not been used and when he has to sit in the car while I visit the LYS! On another post I will put up a picture of the baby cable sweater I made that won him over and tell you that story!

So anyway........I'm moving right a long with this sock, just hoping I will have it in me to make the other one! My goal is to have the one sock done by Sunday night. I have crafting's the fun of starting something new that keeps me from finishing a lot of projects. Sound familiar?

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Let the Journey Begin!

Well, this was easy. After reading everyone else's blogs I have often thought I should do my own but thought it would be too complicated. Well, once again I was wrong!
Let the journey begin!