Saturday, April 19, 2008

Special Guest

This is the adorable, expertly knitted cable sweater my friend Deidre made for her grandson. Isn't it something else? I was so in awe of her skill and how good it looked! I told her she needs to teach me how to pick up and knit because the ribbing around the neck where she did that looked fabulous! Mine never looks that hot.

Deidre has been knitting probably since she can remember. She tells me these great stores about her mother knitting and the 'lessons' she has had over the years. Her mother hired a lady to teach Deidre how to knit the "German" way which was with one of the knitting needles UNDER HER ARM!!! I'm having a hard time even picturing that! I think I am right in saying, that lesson was wasted on Deidre because I don't think she knits that way today. She is the shepardiss of knitting at her place of work and has brought many virgin knitters into the fold. They too are now attending Knitters Anonymous meetings and drowning in their incredible yarn stash!

Thanks Deidre for being my guest knitter! I'm not worthy!!!
BTW....I haven't really talked about some of the books I have been reading lately......I just finished Midori by Moonlight. It was a very enjoyable read. I had gotten it as a suggestion from a friend of mine's book blog. It's a chick lit book with a happy ending, a dream realized in work and a love story. Doesn't get much better than that! It would be a great 'beach/pool' read so put it on your list!

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Ashley said...

My mom, Deidre, does a great job. She has made many hats, blankets, scarfs, sweaters, and much more. She has a tried for a while to get my sister and my self involved in knitting and its just not our thing. My mom does a great job on everything and it looks flawless. Good Job Mom, Tony will love it and he will stay warm up in Alaska !