Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Needle Felting

Sometimes things turn out better than you think are will. I usually am excited to try a new technique but then apprehensive because I worry that it won't turn out like my vision or that I won't be any good at it.
I am pleasantly surprised with how my first two needle felted flowers turned out! I know I'm not an expert yet but I was pleased that the first ones turned out okay!

This is a small wallet size clutch that I felted the other day. This flower makes the perfect accent!

Here's a closer look at the first one that I tried!

And this one was the second.

I felted this purse a couple weeks ago and have been struggling to know what to embellish it with because it is larger and didn't want to put a ton of flowers on it. I think the small one on the closure works nicely. Now I can line it and finish.

I was just using the craft store kind of felt sheets to cut out flowers, which can look cute but I think this will add a more cohesive look to the bags.

I can't wait to try the next thing. I want to put a sunflower on the front of a brown purse that I felted!

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