Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Yes, I know you thought I had fallen into the endless depths of my yarn stash but no, I have just been LAZY! Yes, I said it!

I have taken a couple of side journeys (see below) in the last couple weeks and have not gotten much knitting done.
BUT.....here are some new things. I have completed the back of the baby dress (except for the finishing which has to be done at the very end). I think the skirt is going to be a little long but it's turned out okay.
In this picture you can see the placket opening in the back. A button will be at the top when the finishing happens. And the 'holes' you see are where I will thread the satin ribbon through and which will gather it up some. I'm hoping when I block it some of the 'unevenness' of the stitches will go away.
Remember the Red Vest Diaries? Of course you do! You have the misadventures of this knitter memorized! I finished it and I am less than satisfied. The finishing around the neck looks TERRIBLE! Thanks to me really. I have a difficult time with 'pickup then knit' which is what this pattern called for. What I did instead was pick up all the stitches put them on a needle then went back and knit and it's way too loose! I am going to rip it out since it is separate from the body and retry. I am going to try to just do a crochet finish around the edge which I think will work. Any advise on picking up and knitting? I can't seem to get the hang of that.

I think too if I made this vest again I would make the 'straps' longer so the scoop in the neck is deeper. It looks like that in the pictures but somehow mine didn't come out that way.

So here is one of my side journeys........don't laugh, it's not very good but I have been trying to give myself 'permission' to try and not be so judgmental about how it looks. I'm not done with it yet but am working on it slowly so I don't get too overwhelmed. If you remember (yes, I know you do!) I talked about my Grandmother and how she was an artist and how I wish that I could draw and paint. I keep going back to trying to make it happen.

I will try hard to be better about posting more. I know you wait with baited breath to see my next post!!! I have a couple scarfs I am going to start tonight!
Happy Day!

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